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               25TH  ANNUAL GOOD TIMES CAR SHOW 2016         Email:

Dear Merchant,
The 4 host clubs listed above are co-sponsoring, as a 501C non-profit organization, a car
show for the benefit of CANINE COMPANIONS for INDEPENDENCE, a non-profit, 501C
organization that provides specially trained canines to disabled people in the Pikes Peak
Region and nationwide. They are not funded by any government agency and rely solely on
private funding. In 2015, we were able to donate $6000.00 to CANINE COMPANIONS for
This is our 25th annual car show.  This year's car show will be held on Sunday, August 21,
2016, from 9AM to 3PM in Old Colorado City and Bancroft Park.  We are asking for your help
in supporting this show by becoming one of our sponsors.  We are asking for a donation to
help this worthy cause.  This letter will serve as your receipt.  The various types of
sponsorships are as follows:

_____ Major Sponsor: Sponsorship of $300.00 will include your logo on printed
advertisements for the show (i.e. 70 posters, and 500 flyers) and on the Car Show Web Page
as well as a vendor space the day of the show and 1 space  for a free car.

_____ Award Sponsor: Sponsorship of $25.00 for each trophy.  This will list your company's
name on a trophy, the show program and your company’s name will be announced during
the Awards presentation.  We would also like to personally invite you to present your
trophy(s) at the Awards presentation.

_____ Vendor: 10’x 10’ vendor spaces are available for $50.00. You must set up your space
by 6:00 AM and your vehicle removed from the venue area.  Vendor space must cleared from
the street
no later than 4:00 pm.

_____ Door Prize/Cash: If you choose to donate a door prize,certificate for services or cash,
please indicate the prize you are donating or the dollar amount.

DOOR PRIZE/CASH:___________________________   APPROX. COST:___________

The host clubs thank you for your support in putting on our car show.  The support you are
giving us will allow us to put on a better show and help us raise more money than last year.  
This event is an opportunity to bring visitors to the area, which increases dollars spent at
local stores and restaurants and also provides great entertainment for our community!

Company Name_________________________________                
Address_______________________________________    Zip Code ________          
Email Address___________________________________

Club Member____________________________________
Club Member Contact Number______________________

Please make checks payable to:     Good Times Car Show                 
The Good Times Car Show                                   
P.O. Box 15254
Colorado Springs, CO  80935-5254